Basement Wall Rebuild or Restoration

Over the years your block or masonry basement walls may become weak and start to bow and crumble. Techniques and materials are not what they were years ago and don't always stand up to the pressure and weight of a home or surrounding elements. We have many solutions to your basement problems, but sometimes I-Beams, Anchors or Pier Supports can't fix the problem. Many times a problem called "honeycomb concrete" can occur, this is where the material starts to crumble and fall in a "honeycomb pattern". In turn this lets water penetrate the home and starts to cause lots of damage to the interior and exterior walls. Whether it's a partial or full, a small or large basement repair, we have solutions you can count on to get your basement back in order.

When do I get ahold of you?

It is best to get ahold of us as soon as you start noticing a problem. If we can get in there and replace one wall now, rather than have to approach 2, 3, 4, or more in the future, we not only can save you money but the headache and possible damage to your home.

A highly trained professional will come by and assess your problem to give you a safe and secure solution. He will carefully examine the wall(s) in question to let you know the best plan moving forward to get your situation taken care of. We understand this is a problem homeowners don't like to see or even deal with emotionally let alone financially. We are here to help with that burden, being cost affective, but most importantly making it safe and secure for your family.