Deep Driven Steel Pier

Do you have separated or cracked walls? Maybe you are seeing tipping, sloping or sagging walls. DC Solutions LLC offers a Deep Driven Steel Pier System that stabilizes your home's foundation and offers the best means of lifting your home back to level, without the expense or disruption of a full foundation replacement. In addition to sealing cracks and fixing poor functioning windows and doors, in most cases, steel push piers stop foundation settlement and returns the foundation to the same position when it was first built.

We are a company that offers design and build services for you. From initial sketches to the final construction, we aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different basement repair companies.

Our deep driven steel pier is a steel shaft which acts as foundational support various types of buildings. We coat our steel piers with a polyethylene copolymer to prevent corrosion. In our process, we first remove soil to reveal foundation footing needed to install our push piers. Rugged, heavy-duty brackets are also installed under the footing. Then we install our interlocking steel piers that are driven through those brackets down to bedrock or soil that is stable.

How Our Deep Driven Steel Pier System Works

In order to accomplish steel pier foundation repair, rugged steel tube sections are hydraulically driven through heavy-duty steel foundation brackets to reach the depths of competent load-bearing strata. The weight of your home is then carefully transferred from the original unstable soil, through the piers, to the bedrock or competent bearing strata.

This process ensures no further settlement will occur and also will recover what has been lost due to foundation settlement. Once we’ve determined that your home is stabilized we’ll refill the displaced soil and you’ll now have the piece of mind knowing that your home’s foundation is stabilized to its original position. This technique allows for the weight of your house to be transferred back to the steel piers underground where it’s more stable.

***Watch our Deep Driven Steel Pier in action. Closing the gap on these porch stairs.

When To Choose A Deep Driven Steel Solution

  • Sheetrock Separation
  • Exterior Brickwork Cracking
  • Misaligned Doors
  • Chimney Separation
  • Concrete Porch Separation

Why Choose Deep Driven Steel Pier Foundation Repair?

Because our deep steel driven piers are installed down to either the stable layer of soil or bedrock, it’s the lowest risk solution especially if it’s difficult to determine soil conditions. If you need a quick but effective solution, would like to move your home to the position it was at when first built, and prefer minimal disturbance then steel pier foundation repair is your answer. Benefits also include:

  • Year-Round Installation
  • Long Life Span-Steel
  • Reaches Bedrock/Competent Bearing Strata
  • No Heavy Equipment Required
Chimney Separation Before and After Steel Pier Foundation Repair