There are 2 more options we provide when it comes to maintenance and waterproofing that really can save on your pocket book in the long run.

Basement structures built out of limestone, brick, and/or rock foundations are taken care of with TuckPoint Repair while concrete poured basements are resealed with Epoxy Injections. Over time the rock will wear over time or result in stress fractures forcing the structure to crumble and water will penetrate the cracks.  With concrete poured basements these cracks left unattended allow moisture and other contaminants to penetrate and attack the rebar. In both cases the water penetrates and expands the fracture allowing water to penetrate it again at a later date.

As you can imagine this is a constant affect resulting in bigger cracks, more water penetration and a bigger problem in the end. The rebar disintegrates, losing its structural strength, many times losing the entire structure, but if caught ahead of time and properly taken care of with TuckPoint Repair or Epoxy Injection we can save your basement from a full or partial rebuild.