Waterproofing Application and Area Drainage System

Our Waterproofing Application and Area Drainage System can ensure structural protection against mother nature for years to come when water intrusion and mold growth threaten your home or commercial property, DC Solutions LLC can help.

Waterproofing your basement walls is the best way to halt and prevent future water seepage. Our process begins with excavating a trench at a 60 degree angle which transfers the hydrostatic pressure down to the foundation footer. Perforated pipe is then installed to intercept water before it can enter your basement. Next, the wall is waterproofed with HLM 5000, which is an elastomeric rubber membrane and then covered with 6m plastic. This process will seal the foundation wall by creating a barrier forcing the water to the footing drain and then out to daylight or a sump pump. A gravel field is placed over perforated drainage pipe and capped with 20 inches of top soil set at a grade for positive drainage away from the foundation.

DC Solutions LLC offers a variety of engineered drainage solutions tailored to your property's specific needs. One of our highly trained specialist will assess your particular situation and compile a detailed solution.


DC Solutions LLC Drainage Solutions