Floor Leveling

There are a number of reasons you could be experiencing uneven floors. We have an engineered solution to provide stability to your home.

Poor Support  If the floor support columns are placed too far apart beneath the floor joists of your home, they cannot hold up the weight of the floor above properly. Poor design causes poor support which causes the floor to sag. Along with support for your joists, you must have proper pier support for your load bearing beam. These piers can be made up of different elements like wood, steel i-beams and concrete/blocks. These are the most common support systems used.

House Settlement – Over time, the piers will move with the soil due to moisture or soil compression from lack of a proper drainage. As the pier sinks into the soil, the beam will start to sag causing your uneven floors.

Waterproofing Problems – As stated above proper drainage can play a big role in the support of your home. In addition to uneven floors, you might start seeing cracks on the outside of your brick walls or drywall. If your piers are made out of wood, you could find wood rot or sometimes even termite damage. Fixing your drainage issue and replacing those piers could be your solution.

Our Solution

DC Solutions uses the PowerPost System. Unlike other products, the PowerPost has pre-drilled holes in the top and bottom plates, and include zinc-coated lags, washers, and wedge anchors. This hardware gives us the ability to properly secure the post to the beam above and to the concrete footer below. The PowerPost is an extremely high strength, adjustable steel column designed specifically to stabilize or raise sinking and unlevel floors over crawlspaces. Support piers are only as strong as their base. In this case, we spread the load with a low-profile, high-strength polymer concrete PolyBase foundation.