Main Issues that Cause Sinking Outdoor Concrete

Concrete weighs a LOT!

When the soil underneath the slab can no longer support the weight because of a void, the concrete will fail.
This leaves cracks, pits, or sinking because parts of the slab are supported and others are not.
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Cracked Concrete - Foam Injection Before
  • Soil Shrinkage, Compaction & Settling

    • Different types of soil can withstand different load-bearing capabilities. We live in an area built on Clay. Clay shrinks significantly when it gets dry - therefore slabs tend to settle and compact. When the concrete goes unsupported it sinks as well creating cracks in one or more spots.


  • Washout of Soils

    • When it rains it can create a washing away affect underneath your concrete slab, steps, or driveway resulting in inadequate support. As water moves underneath the concrete slab it washes away the soil that is supporting your concrete, creating a void. This creates cracking and sinking or a caving in affect to driveways.