I-Beam Restraint

DC Solutions's I-Beam Restraint System restores your basement wall's alignment and is a less expensive option to combat the effects of hydrostatic pressure.

We install I-Beam Restraints when lateral movement has been identified. 4" x 13lb I-Beams are installed vertically on the basement wall. An engineered bottom steel quick clip is placed at the base of the beam and secured to the floor with two 3/8" x 4" steel drive in bolts. A 4" x 4" treated beam is then installed in front of the I-beam between the existing floor joists and secured with 3/8" lag bolts. Matching sister joists are installed on either side of header to allow the structure of the home to stabilize the wall and prevent any further inward lateral movement.

Installing I-Beam System for horizontal movement
Installing I-Beam System for horizontal movement
Installing I-Beam System for horizontal movement

Signs of Horizontal Movement

use i-beam restriants to fix horizontal crackHorizontal Cracks on Basement Wall

Install I-Beam Restraint to fix tipping wallBowing or Tipping Walls

Correct Beam Pocket Failure with I-Beam RestraintBeam Pocket Failure

Why Choose Our I-Beam Restraint?

  • Less Expensive than Other Methods
  • Quick and Clean Installation
  • No Damage to Landscape
  • No Perforation to Basement Walls
  • Lifetime Warranty

Our team safely braces and hydraulically pushes tipping walls back to plumb. We secure the wall with our patented I-Beam Restraint System to ensure the wall will hold up for years to come. View the pushing process below: