Deep Driven Steel Pier

Do you have signs of vertical settlement? This may look like sticking doors and cracks in the drywall and/or foundation. DC Solutions LLC offers a Deep Driven Steel Pier System that stabilizes and restores your home's foundation, without the expense or disruption of a full foundation replacement. In addition to sealing cracks and fixing poor functioning windows and doors, our steel piers stop foundation settlement and, in most cases, return the foundation to it's original position.

How Our Pier System Works

Our system uses rugged steel tube sections hydraulically driven through heavy-duty steel foundation brackets to reach the depths of competent bedrock or load-bearing strata. The weight of our home is then carefully transferred from the original unstable soil, through the piers, to the bedrock or load-bearing strata, where it's more stable.

This process recovers what has been lost due to foundation settlement and ensures no further settlement will occur. Once we’ve determined that your home is stabilized, we will backfill the displaced soil and leave you with the peace of mind knowing that your home’s foundation is stabilized.

***Watch our team close the gap on the porch stairs to the left.
Deep Driven Steel Pier

Signs of Vertical Settlement

ceiling separation corrected with deep driven steel pierCeiling Separation

Floor Crack corrected with deep driven steel pierCracks in Concrete Floors

Ceiling CracksCeiling Cracks




Chimney leaning corrected with deep driven steel pierChimney Leaning

Porch Separation corrected with deep driven steel pierPorch Separation

Cracks in DrywallDrywall Cracks




misaligned doors corrected with deep driven steel pier

Misaligned Doors

Stair Step Exterior Brick Cracking corrected with deep driven steel pierStair Step Cracks in Brick or Concrete

Crack above door and windowCracks Above Doors and Windows

Why Choose Our Deep Driven Steel Pier?

  • Year-Round Installation
  • USA Steel Products
  • Reaches Bedrock/Competent Bearing Strata
  • Heavy Equipment Not Required
  • Lifetime Warranty