What is an Egress Window

An egress window is a point of entry into or exit from your basement. It can act as a safe passage in an emergency when other exits are blocked or inaccessible. Installing an egress window will immediately add value to your home, as well as, provide natural light into the dark basement space. In addition, installing an egress window with well will increase the aesthetics of the exterior and interior of your home.

If you want to install a new egress window or replace existing smaller windows with an egress, we can help.

Turn your basement into a retreat with the help of our egress window and well.

Why Choose Our Egress Window

We can install a new egress window or replace an existing window to any size window you would like. We will cut the basement wall to fit the exact window dimensions and install the window. Our crew then removes the rest of the outside soil to allow for the window well placement.

DC Solutions uses the Rockwell Window Well (pictured below) because of the following:

  • Look and feel like real stone
  • Built-in steps (no ladder required)
  • High strength and rot/rust proof
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Our installation also includes window well drains to ensure ground and rain water are directed away from your foundation wall.

The Rockwell Series egress window wells have a stone texture that truly looks and feels like real stone.

The Denali Series is the new rust-free, dent-free window well built to last.




There are two options for window well covers: