I have cracks in my basement walls

Earlier this week we talked about Hydrostatic Pressure . This can cause cracks in your poured foundation wall and shift block walls, exposing it to the outside elements.

A technician will come up with a solution for your situation depending on the severity and damage.  DC Solutions provides many options for Hydrostatic Pressure, but the main two are I-Beam Installation and our patent owned Basement Anchors

Our I-Beam Installation comes with two options. Option 1 comes with a wall pushing attachment bracket that is mounted to the ceiling joist. Overtime the homeowner can apply pressure against the I-Beam and move the wall back into it’s original place. Option 2 is a wall stabilization method that requires no maintenance and simply keeps the wall from moving any further into the

Our basement wall anchors are an option if you need a wall pushed back and you want no damage to the interior finish. A deadman plate is placed 15-20 feet out onto your yard and attached to a wall anchor. The anchor is attached to the outside of your basement wall, never through because any drilled hole that will completely perforate a basement wall is a potential leak. This process provides a way to add tension periodically to the wall, pulling the wall back into place. Meanwhile, you’ll never know it was there.