Gutter Tips

Cleaning Your Gutters

Home maintenance is a never ending and constant chore if you are taking proper care of your home. As Fall approaches leaves are turning colors and trees are becoming beautiful, but

as the leaves fall they clog up gutters.

One of the most simple and cheapest solutions you can do for your home to try and avoid damage, is to clean your gutters and keep them free of debris. Especially in the coming months.

When gutters are not functioning properly they can back up and overflow, allowing the soil around your home to be oversaturated and water to penetrate your basement walls or slab. So get up on that roof and clean out those gutters. If you really want to be efficient, properly grading the dirt around your home

will help the water flow out and away from your home.

If you are having water penetrate your basement walls and/or experience leaning and cracked walls, DC Solutions has many options to keep your basement dry. Just give us a call for a highly trained professional to come by and assess your problem and give you a safe and secure solution to waterproof your basement.

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