hydrostatic pressure

Are you seeing stair-step cracks or is your chimney pulling away?

stair-stepcrackAre you seeing stair-step cracks or is your chimney pulling away? This is always a very uneasy feeling when you see these types of issues happening to your home and we are here to help take the burden away and answer any questions you might have.

Why does this happen?

With the unpredictable seasons of Kansas it can cause the clay soil surrounding your house to do crazy things. When the weather becomes wet enough, it partially liquefies the clay and soil around your house pressing against the wall like a giant hydraulic jack. This is called hydrostatic pressure and causes your basement wall to lean inward. As the clay soils dries, it shrinks away from the basement wall, leaving a gap between the wall and the soil. In time this can become a major problem with the settlement and stability of your basement walls.

After time you might start to notice vertical/stair-step like cracks or a tilting chimney.

At this point you may have a serious structural issue on your hands and it’s best to tackle the issue head on. As soon as you see any changes, cracks or pulling away in your foundation walls and/or chimney, the tops of your windows and doors, give us a call so we can take a look your particular problem and take the proper steps to fix your issue before it becomes a bigger problem.


Give us a call for a highly trained professional to come by
and assess your problem and give you a safe and secure solution to waterproof your basement.


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